July 21, 2009

Fellow Hobo Spotlight!

And I thought starting off with a few G's was brave - check this guy out. He's retired with no money at all living in a cave.
Hat tip @baglady for the link! Here is an article that reports on him.

Retirement Hobo is not a minimalist and could never do what he does however - I need my people, my community and the wonders of the city around me. They support me and I do what I can to support them. Also I cannot stand being that dirty.

Must respect to him though.


July 20, 2009

Retirement Hobo Back

Hello All,

Apparently the Hobo is not alone in his journey. There are many others who enjoy this new concept called funemployment. Check out the term on Google!

Also, an update - Retirement Hobo has taken this year to do a number of things - he traveled all over South East Asia and learned many truths about how employment works in other countries (and how the USA is one difficult place to get a job with a decent wage in comparison). He has also taken more time to focus on improving his community through a number of volunteer organizations. And of course, he has been figuring out a way to make his retirement work a quarter way into his life.

However, the Hobo has definitely failed in his quest to document his journey publicly - but it is better late than never!